cattery Welcome to our Cattery or 'Cat Hotel', opened in early 2006. This purpose built, ultra modern establishment is of the highest standard which meets all legal and "best practice" requirements. Take a pictorial tour of our cattery. Teesside Airport is just 20 minutes away, and we are 900 yards from all major routes North,South and West. The cattery is currently under construction, check out the build progress on the building site To find us see our local map
  • All cats are fully insured
  • Cattery is covered by CCTV
  • All units have penthouse suites
  • All suites are heated
  • Outdoor exercise areas
  • Family units available
  • Pick up and delivery service
  • Special dietary needs met
  • Full vetanarian cover
  • Built around a secret garden
  • Toys and bedding supplied

Telephone 01642 430400 or Email us